Origami… Family Guy?

Okay so this started in fourth grade. When I was first introduced into origami. I showed my friends and we made a bunch of puppets. I then threw them away because of the teacher. So, today I was thinking of what to fold. Then it came to me. Family Guy! Don’t worry. No stories will be posted about it. I might do American Dad and Simpsons.

Crease Folder Foldie Meg OriBrian OriLouis



Hey guys! SF Hansel here! I am working on a new series called “The misadventures of Iron Fold “. I know I was supposed to make series called Spider-Fold but, I lost the video files and the script because of my computer. But now that I got a new one, I can make a new series.

Here are the different roles you guys can be as:

Brian (Iron Fold)



Mike (Nick Foldy) (All ready casted)


If you need help folding Iron Fold go to my website:


Email me your auditions at HCStudios@outlook.com