Origami Yoda stories

Origami Luke cover

The Problem

By Tommy

Um I uh don’t know how to explain this. Well here it goes. So me and Sara were talking about how Disney buying Star Wars is a bad idea. All of a sudden Kellen is running through the library like a maniac. “Kellen what’s wrong? “ “My origami Luke is missing!” said Kellen. Harvey butted in (as always) and started his annoying narnar. “I knew he couldn’t be trusted!” “Harvey, shut up you must. Note found I did.”. The note said that Kellen has to stay away from Rhondella, or else Luke will get it. And it’s from some guy named MJ.                                                                         

Who is MJ?

By Sara

We couldn’t find out who was MJ. Until Dwight came. He took out yoda and this is what he said. ” MJ we know is who.”  Who?” snorted Harvey. ” Zach Martin, Luke he has.” ” That son of a Clone! ” said Kellen.


By Tommy

Tater Tot and 3 other basket ball players/clones where all surrounding him. “What do you want?” said Zach. “We want to know what you did to Luke Skyfold!” said Kellen. “I don’t have him! But, I do have this note which I was told to give to Mike.” “A note for Mike?” said Kellen. “Yeah. It’s a note that some kid gave me to give to Mike.” “Lemme see” said Mike.


“Exchange of schools?!” screamed Mike. We all new Mike was going to blow up. Since he doesn’t have Mace anymore, he doesn’t have  any confidence. As Mike says, he let out some “Mad” tears. “For the first time, Origami Yoda was wrong!” said Harvey, Sara took out Han and said “You must be excited,kid.” “That what was the whole point of coming to Zach to find Luke?!” said Kellen. “I…Uh…Ehrm…” said Origami Yoda. “Wait… How do we know something is up?”

We found Luke! Well… Sorta

By Tommy

Tommy’s note: Kellen didn’t doodle this part or the meeting part.

Rhondella came out of no where and went up to Kellen. “Listen Kellen… I know you have a crush on me since the third grade… But, that was the old me… Look. Just read the secret casefile that was part of the Fortune Wookie file.” Kellen took the casefile and looked through it. Me and Sara both became mad. We where going to give him that after the war with Rabbski! Dwight took out origami yoda. “Sith you are…” Murky than said “Yoda’s right! Your sir are UN-stooky! Give Kellen Luke. And what’s with MJ?” “Listen up dip-wad. I’m a gril not a sir. MJ stands for Michael Jackson which is one of my favourite singers. And it is not Zach who has Luke. I do!” She took Luke out from her pocket. “I’m sorry Kellen. If you won’t get over me, than I know what will.” She ripped Luke in half! “Son! Noooooooooooooo!” said Anakin. Harvey then flipped up the helmet to create Darth Paper. “Luke!” said Kellen. “Don’t worry son. I’ll give you a cool robot suit like the one I half.” said Darth Paper. “Don’t bother.” said Kellen. He through Luke in the garbage and went into Rabbski’s office. This is what we heard. “Listen Ms.Rabbski. I decided to quit the rebellion and do the right thing. That is to do the tests.” “Very good. For that you get to keep a free DS game that I confiscated from a student.” We all felt like if we were like Leia when she saw her home planet explode. “Hey! That’s my game!” said Harvey. “Yes! Now that stupid nerd is outta our lives for good!” said John Oxley as he came walking into the Library.

The Meeting

By Mike (The ex-halocron keeper)

At the meeting, my mom was talking  to Ms. Rabbski. Kellen (Now the hall moniter) made everyone confiscate their origami characters. “Now that those puppets are put away, we can get started. I see what is the problem. These children is messing up your son’s ability to learn. We promise that if you let your son stay, these kids will get a punishment for tricking your son into not learning.” said Ms. Rabbski. “No way! I’m changing schools for my son! Let’s go Mike!” said my mom. That was the last time I ever saw them.

First day at new school

By Mike (Emailed to Tommy)

At my new school I met these couple of kids. Jen, Hansel, and Andrew. I learned that Hansel is Kellen’s cousin. He is also a massive drawer! I let him read the few chapters of the casefile so that he can learn about what happen to Kellen. Today I we had computers. When I went on one of the computers I checked my email. I had something sent from Tommy and Dwight.


Luke Instrux Luke Instrux 2



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