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Beware the batfold

Beware the Batfold

By SF Hansel



By Tommy

My name is Tommy. I am the richest kid in Gatham City. I live with my grandpa Alfred. I live with him because… I just can´t say okay? I took different Karate classes around the world. I also took science classes, gymnastics, and magic. Magic? Yes. But only to master escaping tricks when I am arrested or tied up. My friend Luke´s Dad used to work with my dad before the accident. You see my Dad is a scientist/billionaire/Engineer to build weapons for the US soldiers. After all that karate I went to visit my friend Luke. He is a techno origami wizard! So this is what happened.

Luke: Hey Tommy!

Me: Sup Luke.

Luke: What brings you here?

Me: I need some stuff from you.

Luke: What do you need?

Me: Aluminum origami suit, origami grapple gun, army belt base, and a cloth that is similar to a cape.

Luke: Let me show you the suit.

He showed me a cabinet that had a grayish aluminum suit in it.

Luke: This is an origami suit that is made out of cardboard and aluminum. The cardboard protects you from darts or origami bullets. The aluminum protects you from paper clips, tacks, and origami knives.

Me: I´ll take it.

He then took me to a table.

Luke: This is an origami grapple gun. The bottom is cardboard and paper. Then we have rope and the hook piece which is made out of aluminum and paper clips.

Me: Does it shoot high?

Luke: It depends where you shoot it.

Me: I might re-design it but I will take it.

Luke: Next is the military golden origami belt. You strap it in and it carries anything you need to carry. It has a metallic clip for the ori grapple gun. It is made out of cardboard, metal, aluminum, and paper.

Me: I´ll take it all.

Luke: Last but not least is the aluminum phantom cloak. This is a cloak that can transform into any shape.

Me: Nice.

He put everything in a suit case. When I was walking into the elevator I noticed something awesome! ¨ Hey Luke what´s that? ¨ I asked. ¨ Oh the Rumbler? You wouldn´t be interested in that.¨ answered Luke. He took a controller and took a test origami dummy and put it inside the mini tank. ¨ The Rumbler is a mini high tech tank that can run 80 miles per hour and can jump high objects. Any questions? ¨ Does it come in black?


By Tommy

We arrived at my mansion. Also known as Mcginnis Manor. I went to my room and got started on my creation. I took the suit and added a foam bat on the chest. Then I taped on the belt and cape. Lastly I made a foam mask and slid it on top of my origami Bruce Wayne.

I sneaked out of the window wearing a black hood, navy jeans, and black sneakers. I also created aluminum/cardboard boomerangs shaped as bats. I noticed a teenager holding a Nerf gun spray painted black pointing it at the owner of a convenient store. I took out my ori grapple gun and shot it at the roof of the store. I swung through the air and broke the glass of the store and landed on the floor. The guy moved the gut at me. I took out my folderang and through it at him. It his his hand making him drop the fake gun. I ran up to him and carried him off of the floor. He asked who I was. I said in a deep voice. I´M BATFOLD! I punched him and he was knocked out. I turned my head to the owner and I said ¨ Nice store¨ and I flew into the darkness leaving the teenager at the police station without no one noticing.


By Tommy

Okay. This chapter will be weird but amazing at the same time. So I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it there was a girl who was like 15. I guess she´s like two years older than me. Okay so this conversation will be weird.

Girl: Hey. Is Alfred there?

Tommy: Yeah.

Alfred: Wh- Rose?

Rose: Grandpa Alfred!

She ran to him and gave him a big fat hug.

Tommy: Grandpa?! He´s my grandpa!

Alfred: I am actually both of your grandpas.

Tommy: So Mom and Dad had twins?!

Alfred: No they had three kids. Two boys and one girl. You master Mcginnis are the youngest. Then is Rose. Lastly it is your older brother Thomas.

Tommy: Wait. Where’s the older brother.

Alfred: You see your brother was born with really bad behavior so they sent him to a place for the kids who have un-pleasant behavior.

Tommy: You mean a mental hospital?! Great! I have two older sibalings. One of them is in a Mental Hospital. And my parents are dead!

Rose: Mom and Dad are what?!

Tommy: You didn´t know?

Alfred: She left a year before your parents died to study in England until she turned 15.

Tommy: Wait. If she lived here why don´t I remember her?

Alfred: She lived with my brother until they left.

Rose: Okay… Enough with the chit chat. Where´s my room?

Alfred: For now un-pack. School starts in a week and I need you prepared.


By Rose

Okay. So Alfred dropped Tommy at his school. And then dropped me at mine. Our teacher´s name was Ms. Selena Kyle or Ms. Kyle. Later at lunch I wasn´t looking and dropped food on a girl named Ashley. She had red hair, black glasses, a light blue t shirt with white long sleeves and a white cat face, and jeans. We had a lot in common. So we became best friends. She told me she had a younger sister named Stephanie and a cousin whose name is Carla. She told me that Carla tricks boys into doing stuff for her by saying that she would date them and stuff. To me she sounds like a Poison Ivy kind of person. For the first day of school we had to do a project were we write about what you think of one person and what that person think you. Of course I was pared with Ashley. Her Dad let her come over. When we got home Tommy was making googly eyes at her. He followed us until I reached my room. I then slammed the door in his face.


By Tommy

When I went to the living room I noticed one of Rose´s bag not in her room. Instead of taking it to her I opened it. Inside it showed a huge Katana and an origami Katana which was like the size of the handle. ¨Wow…¨ I took the bag to the foldcave (batcave). I scanned it on the computer. The Origami Katana was made from tin foil and cardboard. The real Katana was made out of Chi, magma, and black magic. Alfred came to see what I was looking at. ¨ What´s that Tommy? ¨ asked Alfred. It is a Katana I found in Rose´s bag that she forgot to bring to her room. Why didn´t you tell me that I had siblings?! You know I don´t like secrets Alfred. ¨I´m sorry Tommy. Your parents told me not to tell you until she got here.¨ BEEP BEEP BEEP ¨Your two friends Blake and Henry have been kidnapped by Origami Pig and Frog.¨ Why? ¨Don´t know.¨

I put on my hood and left. I didn´t find them. But I found

their secret lair. I called Alfred to lock the place on my digital map on my I Phone. Here´s what happened.

Alfred: What happened?

Me: I need you to lock this location on my digital map.

Alfred: Okay I uhhh!

Me: Alfred?!

OriFrog: Hey this isn´t Tommy Mcginnis!

OriPig: At least we got his grandfather!

OriFrog: Hey… He´s talking to someone!

I pressed a button so they wouldn´t see me. But, I can see them. OriPig took the phone and crushed it with his foot. They both had masks made out of Paper Mache.

The location was in my phone so I was able to find them. But their hideout was in a cercus. They were tied up to a pole. When I went to untie them OriPig attacked my with his origami saw.


By Tommy

I kicked OriPig and he fell back. I noticed his mask fell off and under was Blake. He got up and ran. Then I went to untie Alfred. Next to him where to dummies which I guess were supposed to be Blake and Henry. ” Thanks Terry “. When I helped him get up he groaned. “I think my leg is broken.” “How long will it take to heal?” “Probably 5 months.” I went over and took a pipe. “Here. This will help you walk. Call a taxi to pick you up.” I then left to find Blake and Henry. They both escaped. But that didn’t mean I will stop.


By Tommy

When I got home Rose had a ice pack on Alfred’s leg. I pretended I didn’t know. Before I went to sleep, Alfred handed me a notebook to write my adventures on. I sometimes trust other people to write in it. Then I went to sleep. On the second day of school I met these two girls. Susan and Hilary. They  were twins. Just that one of them were blond and the other one had black hair. They seemed very nice.


By Rose

When Tommy was about to go into homeroom a girl wearing a lightblue sweater attacked him. ” Give me the combination to the safe in your mansion! ” I ran up to her and punched her. ” Lay off my little bro! ” When I saw Susan she was wearing the same sweater as the other girl. I took off her hood. It was Hilary. She was suspended. Later I noticed Susan was asking Tommy out. Which I barfed.


By Tommy

Back in the manor we had a press conference where we talked about the Iron Fortex. It was a machine that could control and change holographics. My friend A.J. was helping me present it. Then out of nowhere a origami Ninja star flew in and almost hit A.J. When I looked up there was about 10 kids wearing Ninja turtle masks spray painted black except for the eyes. They were all 4th graders. I told Rose ( Now my body guard ) to take A.J. into the limo. I ran into the bathroom and changed into my hero clothes. In the entrance I fought of some of the ninjas. Rose took one of the ninjas swords and almost gave them a paper cut that can actually have blood spurting out a little. I took out my folderang and was able to block it. “Do it and you will regret it.” “Says the guy with a finger puppet. ”


By Rose

Tommy hired me to protect A.J. Back at the manor, Tommy left me and Grandpa Alfred to protect A.J. We had to stay in the panic room. ” So uh… do you like Maroon 5? ” asked A.J. ” Yeah. They’re my favourite band “. answered Rose. Alfred walked to the door and said ” I will wait outside for the security team. ”


By Tommy

Grandpa Alfred waited outside for the security team.  When they came Alfred told them to protect the door roof and the middle of the manor. Then he left. Once he left darts came out of no where and hit all three of the guards. Their boss came. He took of his face which really was a latex balloon mask… * Creepy * He then put on this paper mache monkey mask which was covered in tin foil strips. He then rushed into the manor with some of the ninjas. I took a pen smoke bomb ( made from the book Mini Weapons of Mast Destruction 2, great book ) and through it at the roof. The pen melted a little bit so that I can get in side.


By Rose

I locked the panic room door and rushed outside. Then I saw him… ” Katana “? gasped Tin Monkey. ” Tin Monkey… ” I took out my origami Soul Taker sword. ” * gasp * The Origami Soul Taker sword! I thought your origami wielding powers and your spirit was taken by that sword!” ” You thought wrong!” Before I could kick him Tommy appeared. “Hey what’s going on?” Then something hit him. Susan hit him with a wooden stick! ” What? M-my brother liked you!” “My life comes first!” shouted Susan. Than I  exploded that second! Lady Creasa came. ” Hello Katana. ” When Tommy woke up he ran strait at Lady Creasa! ” Leave! Her! ALONE!! ” Don’t know if he was talking to me or Susan. Then Tin Monkey took out his oricross bow and shot Tommy! Tommy came flying through the window!!!!! “NO!”

Tommy’s comment: I meant you.

Rose’s comment: Okay…


By Tommy

When I fell through the window I landed on a pillow. ( I was wearing a cardboard vest ) Alfred brought me a suit case with my hoodie and Batfold. I looked at oriBruce and said ” I can’t believe we were tricked!” Then oribruce looked at the ground. ” I was going to ask her to the Halloween Party! *sob* “.


By Rose

Tin monkey  started barking orders. ” Attack Lady Creasa! “. Instead the 4th grade ninjas attacked him! They shot a knockout dart at him. Lady Creasa ordered the ninjas to take Tin Monkey. Batfold later appeared. Lady Creasa raised the origami Soul Taker sword. She later then chanted ” OriKiriChi, Take this soul away from me! “. A green light started to apear. Susan’s eyes turned green she then didn’t move. “Take her away. ” ordered Lady Creasa. “Batfold! Don’t let her take the origami Soul Taker sword!” Batfold took out one of his foldarangs and threw them at Lady Creasa. She dodged them and escaped.


By Tommy

While I was with Batfold, Rose started screaming at me. “Why didn’t you take the sword?! You are no hero! You’re just a dumb kid!” After that I snapped. I just left. When I reached my room. I screamed my head off!!!


By Tommy

Okay. It was Saturday morning and I felt grumpy. I was still mad at Rose for what she said. I sneaked out of my room and went for a walk. Then I saw two guys taking packages of candy bards and putting them on a dollie. If you don’t know what that is it’s the thing people use to put boxes on, so that they can take them place to place or load them on boxes. The kids then started running. I took out Batfold and went after them. One of them shouted ” Holy Halloween! It’s Batfold” The other one replied “What is this? The 60’s?” Then another kid was in front of them. I stopped and hid my self so that they couldn’t see me. “Hello… My name is Anarky.” “Get out of the way fool!” Anarky took out these cherry bombs and through them at  the wall where I was hiding. Before I can run, the wall exploded. The wall fell on top of me!


By Sam

Me and my friend Joe were hanging around the school. We were also known as Red Hood and Anarky. He would where a black jacket, a black sweat long sleeve shirt, and a red ski mask. I would where a white hood and a scream/ghostface mask.One day I was sick. So, I sent Joe undercover. He was able to trick Batfold into following him into a abandoned bleach factory.


By Sam (Recorded by security camera in the factory)

Batfold’s side

I fallowed him into the abandoned bleach factory. He came out of know where and attacked me from behind. By mistake, I fell back and landed on the floor. Fold Hood on the other hand was dangling from rope  that was attached to the crane. When I reached his hand, his glove fell off. He fell into the bleach. Which was probably expired or something. Then came the day I never knew was going to happen.

To be continued…

Five fold BatFolf Instrux

To be continued...


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