Captain Origamica!

Here’s my origami Captain America from Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier. Sorry for the bad quality. Believe it or not I used tin foil for the A on his helmet, the belt buckle, and the star with the stripes. There are 2 pockets on his belt that are glued on. One on the right and one on the left.

Captain Origamica


Iron Fold Instrux + Bonus Contest!

Here’s some Iron Man instrux. If you don’t understand the instrux tell me to make a video on how to make him. You can make other variations. Like the Mark 2, HeartBreaker, or even Iron Patriot! I am also running a contest where you get to make a cover! Here’s what you need to do. Fold either on of the three characters. Iron Man, Nick Fury (If you want you can make it simillar to Mace Foldo from Jabba the Puppet, or Captain America! After you fold one of the characters put them on the cover paper that came with Art 2 d2 or make up one of your own. Then come up with a stooky name for the book/cover! Contest ends on November 24! See you there!

Iron Man Instrux 1Iron Man Instrux 2

Iron Man Instrux 3

Guess who’s the new cover star?

Okay I just finished BatFold Book1! Link:

I decided to make you guys pick who’s going to be the star of the next BatFold book.


Hint: He’s a villain who was played by a great actor, who died in  January 22, 2008


First to fold Leia!

Leia-1 I just folded Princess Labelmaker! I didn’t add the gun because I didn’t have time. It is half origami and half kirigami. Don’t ask me for instrux until Tom has permission from Abrahms/ Lucasfilms and until he gives me permission to post it. ( Sorry for bad quality )Leia-2

RPG news!

I’ve seen other sites lately and I see they have RPG sections. So… I will do one my self. Pick a random character or just combine two characters. Mine is HeroBrine Vorheese. What’s yours?