Origami… Family Guy?

Okay so this started in fourth grade. When I was first introduced into origami. I showed my friends and we made a bunch of puppets. I then threw them away because of the teacher. So, today I was thinking of what to fold. Then it came to me. Family Guy! Don’t worry. No stories will be posted about it. I might do American Dad and Simpsons.

Crease Folder Foldie Meg OriBrian OriLouis


Hey guys! SF Hansel here! I am working on a new series called “The misadventures of Iron Fold “. I know I was supposed to make series called Spider-Fold but, I lost the video files and the script because of my computer. But now that I got a new one, I can make a new series.

Here are the different roles you guys can be as:

Brian (Iron Fold)



Mike (Nick Foldy) (All ready casted)


If you need help folding Iron Fold go to my website:


Email me your auditions at HCStudios@outlook.com

Origami Luke Story finished!

Luke Skyfold is missing! It’s up to Tommy, Kellen, and the gang to find him! Turning someone into a sith and sending another person to another school! Who has Luke? Who is going to become a sith? Who is going to another school? Find out in the Origami Yoda Fan Book “The Awesomeness of Luke Skyfold!” (This is my version of what book 4 A.K.A TSAOJTP would be) Read it at https://masterfolder.wordpress.com/origami-yoda-stories/  Instructions for Luke included!

Origami Luke cover

Captain Origamica’s Sheild and Iron Fold Crease 3!

Here’s Iron Fold Crease 3. Crease stands for Mark. Like Mark 2, Mark 42, etc. The instructions only show you how to fold Mark 3. You can make your own tweeks to make other suits. The only two you can’t make by using my instrux are Iron Patriot and the Hulk Bulster aka Egor. The shield is made out of light poster board which is almost like paper. Then I put tin foil on top. I then put tape on the back so it won’t come off.

 Iron Fold Crease 3Captain Origamica's Sheild

Captain Origamica!

Here’s my origami Captain America from Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier. Sorry for the bad quality. Believe it or not I used tin foil for the A on his helmet, the belt buckle, and the star with the stripes. There are 2 pockets on his belt that are glued on. One on the right and one on the left.

Captain Origamica

Iron Fold Instrux + Bonus Contest!

Here’s some Iron Man instrux. If you don’t understand the instrux tell me to make a video on how to make him. You can make other variations. Like the Mark 2, HeartBreaker, or even Iron Patriot! I am also running a contest where you get to make a cover! Here’s what you need to do. Fold either on of the three characters. Iron Man, Nick Fury (If you want you can make it simillar to Mace Foldo from Jabba the Puppet, or Captain America! After you fold one of the characters put them on the cover paper that came with Art 2 d2 or make up one of your own. Then come up with a stooky name for the book/cover! Contest ends on November 24! See you there!

Iron Man Instrux 1Iron Man Instrux 2

Iron Man Instrux 3